Specialized for BMW

Specialized is constantly innovating and pursuing new ways to further improve your ride. And we're excited to announce a unique collaboration between BMW and Specialized—two brands that stand for boundary-pushing technology, innovative products, and true passion.

With their slogan “on a mission” BMW will launch their new BMW X3—one of their most important products. The BMW X3 is a versatile and sportive all-rounder that feels comfortable on almost any terrain. And sharing this ethos is one of the most important Specialized products of today.

We proudly present the limited-edition SPECIALIZED for BMW Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie.

To get to the color design of this limited Specialized Turbo Levo, the design teams of BMW and Specialized joined forces. This resulted in a perfect fit between the new BMW X3 and the Levo, with the exclusive "SPECIALIZED for BMW" lettering, as well as plenty of other unique design elements.

The limited-edition Levo is expected to arrive in select markets around August at select Specialized and BMW retailers.

For some technical details, the SPECIALIZED for BMW Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie is compatible with our Mission Control App, which provides full control over range and battery consumption. This enables you to adjust motor settings to your personal preferences, while also tracking and analyzing your rides.

The Turbo Levo amplifies your pedaling input and ultimately allows for longer rides, and most importantly, more fun on your favorite trails. The heart of the efficient and powerful Turbo Levo technology are both our Li-Ion battery and custom-tuned motor, which are each seamlessly integrated into the high-strength M5 aluminum frame. This superior integration ensures an excellent weight distribution and familiar bike handling.

We'll provide you with more details about this exciting collaboration in the upcoming weeks, but one thing is for sure—there's an exciting summer of riding ahead of you.