Specialized Pannier with Mounts
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Specialized Pannier with Mounts

Part No.  105084
Haul food, wet-weather gear, bike lock, books—whatever—with your Specialized pannier. It comes with an inner bag for easy detach-and-go portage, a heavy-duty zipper to provide a water- and airproof seal, a slim design for a low profile look, and features the Ortlieb QL3 quick-attachment system.
  • Designed using the Ortlieb QL3 quick-attachment standard.
  • Aerodynamic and slim design.
  • QL3 assembly kit included (which allows for the use of the pannier on carriers without QL3 mounting system).
  • Heavy duty zipper makes the pannier water- and airproof.
  • Includes detachable inner bag for documents, pens, etc.
  • Sold as single pannier.
  • Volume: 16 litres