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THE Sagan Collection

An Elegant Rebellion

Like the man himself, the Sagan Collection masks complexity and power with a seemingly subtle exterior. Take a closer look, though, and the reality of each piece becomes clear: Its understated aesthetic is hiding the highest performing gear in the world. This is the Sagan Collection.

A Reminder of Home

Côte d’Azur

The French Riviera—home of white sand beaches, breathtaking views, crisp, teal ocean, and Peter Sagan. That's right, when Peter isn’t racing on the road, he’s spending time with his family in the beautiful city of Monaco. And while the life of cycling’s biggest star is a hectic one, we’ve designed this teal collection as a reminder of the serenity found in the teal-colored waters of the Côte d’Azur.

S-Works Venge Disc

Aero is Everything

Gutsy breakaways, all-out sprint finishes, navigating through the peloton at hyper-speed—there’s no other rider that performs these feats better than Peter Sagan. And just like the man himself, this S-Works Venge is the fastest on the road. It’s the most aerodynamic bike out there, and it makes no compromises in the weight or stiffness departments, either. Pay homage to the cycling gods with this beautiful, magnificent steed.