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S-Works Ground Control 2Bliss Ready T5/T7

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The S-Works Ground Control 2Bliss Ready T5/T7 uses an extremely versatile tread pattern which can be used from cross country race to trail, it rolls fast with exceptional amounts of confidence and grip. Our Block-In-Block design uses a taller adaptable inner block to pierce the ground and claw for traction. The larger outer structure supports the inner block for additional speed, traction, support and stable handling. The S-Works casing is our lightest and most supple construction, shaving every gram possible from rotational weight. To top off this premium build the T5/T7 dual compound uses T5 center knobs for minimal rolling resistance and T7 shoulder knobs for extra cornering grip.

Rider Reviews

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Super grippy but…

Used for n rocky climbs and downhills. With offcamber turns and hills. On the first ride started great in climbs in dirt and loose gravel. The tire is supper awesome in straight climbs loved i. But after climbing there is descending, the tire is so thin that I was hitting my wheel on every bump specially in downhill turns. I felt the rear wheel slipping a lot but it was the tire “bending” Had to walk back because I lost all my sealant and did not hold air. Maybe in a non “sworks” version may work

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