The Reviews Are In

Our bikes are like our children, and we're very proud parents. And with that sense of pride comes a little admitted bias. So if you want to hear what the world's cycling press has to say about our Ruby, you've come to the right place.

Cycling Tips

"Up the first climb I was fully prepared for a lag in speed and, despite Specialized’s claim, a loss of power. I was pleasantly surprised, however, that the bike climbed beautifully. The Ruby Pro is certainly the lightest disc-brake equipped women’s bike I have ridden yet and paired with a fast set of wheels, it was very responsive and agile."

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"This is the point: The built-in suspension in the steerer tube and seat tube reduces the cumulative effect of thousands of divots, rocks, and washboard ripples you encounter on a ride and leaves you feeling mostly the effects of your own exertion—which might even be more impressive than you thought you were capable of."

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Total Women's Cycling

"What I most appreciate about this bike is that it’s got, in my opinion, an almost perfect blend of comfort and snap. Despite being an endurance machine with a lot of dampening to make it comfortable, when you get out of the saddle to smash it up a hill there’s still a feeling of power and the road doesn’t become a floating impenetrable carpet."

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"The smoothness also translates into a secure, confident feel when descending. The various suspension features greatly reduce the jarring, buzzing feel of rough road surfaces and the aforementioned effect when riding over potholes meant that we felt confident descending significantly faster than usual."

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"But if the world of bikes was like fashion, the brand new 2017 Ruby would be called a statement bike – something that everyone would be talking about. A major overhaul - the first since it’s launch in 2005 - brings a different and striking bicycle to the market, one with suspension, riser handlebars, disc brakes and a featherlight 780g frame."

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Cycling Weekly

"It’s not all about the headline grabbing front end suspension. The fit and geometry of the Specialized Ruby has been updated using rider data gleaned from over 35,000 fits using Retul and Specialized’s BG fit. Plus the Ruby is running the new Roval CLX 32 disc brake wheelset. These are the lightest carbon clinchers from Specialized so far."

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