Hitting a snag with ANGi? Here are some commonly-asked questions and their answers.

If you’re still encountering difficulties after this, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or 877-808-8154 for more help.

Hitting a snag with ANGi? Here are some commonly-asked questions and their answers.

If you’re still encountering difficulties after this, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or 877-808-8154 for more help.

My sensor doesn’t flash green.

Make sure you’ve opened the battery door and that the battery insulator sticker has been removed. Verify that the battery is installed with the writing facing towards you. Next, ensure that the battery door is properly closed: Start by aligning the two hashmarks, push the door down flush with the base, and turn the door clockwise so that its hashmark is centered on the main housing.

My sensor flashes green but doesn’t connect to my phone.

Make sure that Bluetooth® and location services are enabled on your phone. You can access these in your phone settings. The sensor connects via low-energy Bluetooth® in the app. Please note that you do not need to look for the sensor in your phone’s Bluetooth® menu. Simply open the Ride app, select the gear tab, and follow the on-screen instructions.

My sensor frequently gives me disconnection warnings.

Many things can cause your sensor to lose communications with the app, including interference from outside of the system. Even if a connection is disrupted, the sensor will reconnect itself and resume monitoring if possible, but we do present these warnings for your awareness. If you see repeated warnings, please try the following:

- Make sure the battery door is securely closed.
- Try rebooting your phone.
- Replace your battery on the ANGi device.
- Check that your phone’s operating system is up to date and that you have the latest version of the Specialized Ride app.

My emergency contacts are not receiving messages.

Make sure that you’ve entered their phone number, including the country designation, correctly. Next, verify that you’ve turned on the toggles for the type of messages they should receive within their emergency contact profile. If they’re still not receiving email notifications, have them check their spam filters and white list our email address.

My battery level reports sporadic numbers.

2032 battery coin cells can respond unpredictably to changing environmental conditions. Oftentimes, a new battery can report less than 100% at initial start and then, while in use, return a more accurate reading. Our battery level indicator is our best approximation.

The app says that my email address is already taken.

Specialized has a single sign-on for all digital properties, including Mission Control, Power Cranks, Retül, and If you have an account for one of these other systems, you can log-in to the Ride app with the same credentials. Forgot your password? You can reset it from the app or on by clicking “forgot my password.”

I want to change the email address associated with my account.

Visit, log-in with your credentials, and you can change your email address there.

If the sensor goes off after I’ve crashed, but my helmet shows no sign of damage, is it ok to keep using the helmet?

Even if your sensor doesn’t go off during a crash, you should replace your helmet in the event that it’s hit something. The EPS foam liner may have been damaged, even if it isn’t visible.

How do I wake my sensor after finishing a ride?

ANGi doesn’t maintain a live connection with your phone throughout the duration of an activity. Instead, ANGi routinely checks in with the app every five minutes and reconnects when needed. At the end of your ride, the app turns off ANGi functions and is ready to start again. The sensor, however, may not show as available because it hasn’t been in contact with the app and is therefore still in a monitoring state.

If you're truly done with your ride, the next time the sensor checks in, it’ll see that your ride is over, and it will put itself to sleep—this is the expected behavior. For this reason, it takes a more vigorous shake to “wake” ANGi back up before its scheduled five-minute check in if you want to start a new ride and turn ANGi back on. The vigorous shake will reconnect the ANGi sensor, making it ready to start a new ride. You only have to shake the helmet vigorously—do not strike the helmet while waking up ANGi, as any impact can damage your helmet’s EPS foam liner and reduce its protective value.