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Rapide CLX II Team

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Meet the fastest wheels in the world - The Rapide CLX II Team Wheels. Designed to be lighter and more aerodynamic, these wheels are engineered to make riders like Remco Evenepoel and Demi Vollering even faster. These wheels were developed using our equation for speed: Lightweight + Aerodynamics + Handling + Durability = Speed. These limited edition wheels are the absolute pinnacle of road racing performance, reserved for the greatest riders in the world and the lucky few who get their hands on a set.

The Roval Rapide CLX II Team wheels are 130g lighter, 0.5 watts more aerodynamic, and double the industry’s tubeless impact standards. With class-leading tire retention for incredible confidence on the roughest roads at any speed, the Roval Rapide CLX II Team wheels offer an unprecedented combination of performance and security.

LIGHTWEIGHT: The Roval Rapide CLX II Team wheels weigh just 1,360g without valves and tape due to new carbon rim layups and the new Roval LF hub. More than 100 carbon layup variations and hundreds of rims tested delivered a weight savings of 40g per rim, while the new low flange hub saves 50g. We even optimized logos and paint to save additional weight—shaving a total of 130g off our system weight.

THE FASTEST RACE WHEELS: Speed is about balancing the right things, and the combination of the proven Rapide rim shape, DT Swiss Aerolite II spokes, and the all-new Roval LF Hub resulted in a 0.5-watt drag saving compared to our Rapide CLX II wheels, making the fastest in the peloton just a bit faster. A 0.5-watt decrease in power might not sound like much, but over 40km adds up to one second. Sure, it’s only 0.5 watts faster, but Remco and Demi have never asked us to make them slower.

UNMATCHED DURABILITY: We know that hookless wheels don’t perform under our demanding high-pressure testing standards. Any carbon wheel can crack under intense impact, but that’s no excuse for a tire to blow off. That’s why our Rapide CLX II Team wheels are not just built for a higher durability standard—they are hooked, resulting in the fastest, most dependable, and versatile wheels in the world. The bonus is that riders can choose the tire and pressure that’s best for their ride.

UNLIMITED CAPABILITY: The Rapide CLX II Team wheels are the most consistent, offering riders the same aerodynamic performance across various tire sizes. Whether racing a cobblestone course with 30mm tires or riding on smooth, buttery tarmac and opting for 26mm tires, your aerodynamic advantage remains the same with the Rapide CLX II Team wheels. With the same proven Rapide CLX II shape, these wheels are 25% less impacted by crosswinds than other wheels of this depth, allowing riders to stay off the brakes and on the gas regardless of wind conditions.

SILVER IS THE NEW GOLD: Silver hubs, valves, and the chrome Team logo helped us save weight by eliminating powder coating and paint, but it’s not just weight savings we were going after. We are also sending a message. When you see silver highlights on a Roval product, know that it’s our secret sauce, the new standard to beat, the best of the best.

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The best wheels on the market A+++

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What a ride

I've been very happy with the previous purchases from Specialized, looking forward to the next product announcement. And wow. This product gave a bit of a shock, asking myself why I haven't tried the CLX wheels before. From the first roll out from home, first six pedal strokes, felt the difference immediately. Wheel picks up speed so fast. And that sound from the rims... Wheel felt very solid on sprints and uphill, feel every effort going straight into the tarmac. Turning corners at high speed felt very reliable. Free hub couldn't be more quiet, coming from an aero wheel set with loud free hub sound. At high rolling speed, it does make the sound, acknowledging that there is a ratchet in those hubs. Engagements are snap on. Looking forward to the upcoming rides on these wheels.



Roval Wheels

I have a 2024 Specialized Crux and I installed this pair of wheels and the bike now is a super fast road bike even though is a gravel or cyclocross bike. I Also have an aero road bike from another brand and the Crux with these new wheels is faster than the aero road bike. Do not think too much, just get them. It feels like you have wings on the bike.

Dago M.