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Men's Trail Alpha Jacket

We deliver! Just say when and how.

Our Trail Alpha Jacket utilizes Polartec® Alpha® to bring warmth to your cold-weather days. The soft, inside liner quickly evaporates sweat keeping you warm and dry. With a casual style, it's right at home on the trail or enjoying a post-ride beverage around the fire pit.

PolarTec Alpha Direct

Alpha® Direct insulation refined the shape and size of its lofted fibers, which eliminates the need for an additional backing fabric. These fibers are comfortable on direct skin, and the fabric plays nicely with additional layers. It’s light, comfortable, and keeps you warm on frosty days.


When you hit the trail, we want to give you the confidence to push yourself. We continue to develop and refine our Trail Collection for the DH rider to the trail enthusiast and all the rippers in-between. So, we can all descend faster, jump higher, and dream bigger.

On-Bike Fit

Not too loose. Not too tight. Just right. Using rider data, our patterns are meticulously designed with strategically placed articulation for optimal fit while in the riding position.

Men's Trail Series Alpha Jacket
Men's Trail Series Alpha Jacket

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