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Men's Adventure Thermal Bib Knicker w/ SWAT™

We deliver! Just say when and how.

Exploration is all about getting farther off the beaten path—and sometimes that path leads to some chilly temps. With the Adventure Thermal Bib Knicker w/ SWAT™, you'll stay plenty warm and still have everything you need on your adventure within easy, comfortable reach—all without having to resort to a sweaty backpack or overloaded pockets bouncing around.

SWAT Technology

SWAT™ technology provides an economical way to keep ride essentials off your back and onto your body, where they go virtually unnoticed. We've painstakingly positioned various pockets throughout the construction, where they're able to house items without significant shifting or discomfort.

Body Geometry

Ergonomically designed and scientifically tested chamois and gloves deliver the promise to “Be One with Your Bike.” This promise is delivered through a range of products that provide real rider benefits that increase endurance, improve comfort, and reduce chance of injury on your bike.


Go bigger. Go longer. Have more fun. Built for the adventure ride, ADV garments are designed with functional storage, long-lasting materials, and versatile style.

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