Body Geometry SL Footbeds
Part No.  

Body Geometry SL Footbeds

Part No.  
Redesigned for lighter weight and more efficient power transfer. Ergonomically designed and scientifically tested Body Geometry Footbeds were co-developed with Andy Pruitt, Director of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, to customize fit and measurably improve performance.
  • Provides cycling specific longitudinal arch and metatarsal support for a custom fit
  • By standing on the Arch-O-Meter at a Specialized dealer, a rider can determine the optimum level of foot contour:
  • +Red = minimal contours for riders that prefer minimal support
  • ++Blue = moderate support for riders with flat to standard arch
  • +++Green = significant support for riders with standard or high arches
  • Proprietary foam avoids taking a compression set for long-lasting support
  • Shim and wedges (sold separately) are an integral part of any shoe fit to improve knee/leg/foot alignment