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The Future of Alloy

Some would say that aluminum's heyday has passed, but we know better. With the attention of the best minds in the business, we've continued to innovate & elevate aluminum designs, technologies, and constructions, making both professional-grade frames and hard wearing essentials.

"If you haven't ridden an aluminum bike lately, you haven't ridden an aluminum bike."

Chuck Teixeira

Alloy Technology

D'Aluisio Smartweld and You

Today, many are content leaving alloy frames in the past, but we are not the many. Our aluminum road frames are recognizable in name alone. True, they have a foot rooted in the past, but we've ensured that they're firmly pointed to the future through D'Aluisio Smartweld Technology (DSW). And now that this technology has been proven at the highest levels on the road, we're happy to announce that it's migrated to the trail with the Chisel, too.

Traditional welding methods create frame joints by connecting tubes to cylinders, leaving the performance & security of the connection up to the skill of the welder. DSW, however, takes the joint and gives it back to the engineers. This means we're able to move the joint away from the area of the highest stress, making the finished frame's balance of strength, rigidity, and weight more pronounced than any alloy frame in history.

We've also taken comfort into account by employing a butted tube design, where excess material has been removed from low-stress areas. This allows our engineers to create a natural compliance in the tubes of the frame, so you'll experience less of the harsh ride characteristics that've plagued aluminum frames and more of the smooth ride qualities that we've engineered into the frame.

Consider it aluminum rethought for the future.