Our Favorite Picks

Welcome to the Gift Guide

Our Favorite Picks

Welcome to the Gift Guide

Gifts For Mountain Riders

From the XC racer to the weekend warrior, this batch of gifts is sure to keep any dirt-loving shredder happy this holiday season.

Gifts for Road Riders

Whether you’re chasing KOMs, PRs, or cruising to a new coffee shop a couple of towns over, these gifts are sure to make your holiday season out on the road a little bit more enjoyable.

Gifts for the Little Ones

Watching kids find the love of cycling at an early age is a magical moment. This set of gifts is sure to make that moment uber-fun, and keep them excited about bikes for years to come.

Gifts for the Adventurous Crowd

Taking that dirt road you’ve always wanted to explore, bikepacking down the coast, or climbing that new pass—wherever the adventures might take you or your adventure seeker, we’ve got the gifts to get them there.

Gifts for Commuters

Whether your loved ones are riding to work, school, or simply commuting around town, these gifts will not only make them more comfortable, but also keep them safe out on the road.