In this episode, John Buckell & Daniel Schaefer take their 6Fattie Stumpjumpers to the rock-strewn trails of the Bavarian Alps outside of Munich, Germany.



In this episode of Destination Trail, we follow Daniel Schaefer and Jon Buckell as they take their 6Fattie Stumpjumpers to the rock-strewn trails of the Bavarian Alps outside of Munich, Germany. Before the pair can get to the Alps, however, they have to negotiate the surrounding chaos brought on by the annual Oktoberfest. Every year, crowds swarm the already busy metropolis, with an insatiable desire for beer and sausage. So to escape the masses, Daniel introduces Jon to a local's secret—an epic system of trails along the Isar River, mere minutes from the teeming crowds. From there, the group heads to the high country to ride the ancient trails of the Alps along the border of Austria, where they're welcomed with their own Oktoberfest feast by local guide, Bernie Stoll. Together, the trio take in the most epic views, resonant history, and awesome riding that Germany has to offer.



For Daniel Schaefer, what started as a club sport hobby quickly became a way of life. Since the age of 12, Daniel has been riding and racing everything from dual-slalom to downhill. These days, his focus is on guiding, instructing, organizing events, and testing products in the field.

Hailing from Southern California, Jon has been riding mountain bikes since the age of 16. Shortly thereafter, he started cutting his teeth on the gravity circuit, competing in the Snow Summit and Southridge race series. By 2009, he graduated to the open/pro category and hasn't looked back since.



Around 1.5 hours from central Munich, this foothill region of the Upper Bavarian Alps straddles the Austrian border. It has a storied history, with inhabitants dating back to nearly every recorded age of man, from the New Stone Age to the Celts, Romans, and Bavarians. More important to this story, however, it's home to peaks as high as 2000 meters, rolling grasslands, numerous lakes, and both earth and trails that are seldom replicated. Typical of this region, riders will encounter rocks, rocks, and more rocks, from small gravely bits to imposing step-ups, so being extra mindful of tire pressure and traction are key to a good experience—which is why the crew opted to run our new 6Fattie Stumpjumpers.

You wouldn't expect a metropolitan city of nearly 1.5-million people to host a world-class trail network, but we can assure you that Munich certainly does. Just a matter of minutes from the city center, you can find a host of trails that run through the forested greenbelt along the Isar River. These ribbons of singletrack offer up a wide variety of riding, from technical root and rock sections to flowy hero dirt with plenty of runway to jump a mid- to big travel bike. So if you're feeling overwhelmed, like we did, during the Oktoberfest, a solid trail is always just a short ride away.