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How to Dress for Cycling?

There Is No Bad Weather...

...just a poorly dressed rider. As the autumn chill sets in, a sneaky thought begins to germinate in the minds of some cyclists: isn't the season over after all? We have an answer for you: it is NOT! But the main challenge is not the damp, the mud or the disappointing reading on the outdoor thermometer. The biggest challenge is the decision itself - to dress well and just get on the bike.

Don't wait long months for warm sunny days.

The time to ride is now!

Specialized's new collection of clothing for autumn and winter is now in stock, and we'd like to give you some tips on what clothing to choose and, above all, how to layer it properly so you can enjoy your autumn and winter rides to the full. Let's start with an introduction to the materials used to make Specialized clothing. Our designers always carefully select the best materials for the job.

Don't forget visibility

With the arrival of autumn, the days are getting shorter, the light is diminishing and cyclists should think about their visibility. Not just

lighting but also on appropriate clothing. Specialized offers a collection of HYPRVIZ that combines the extra-visible colour hyper green with hyper reflective material. The rider is thus perfectly visible during the day and in the dark.

With the technical introduction out of the way, let's now look at the alchemy of concrete layering.

Base layer

The base layer should fit snugly against the body. Its main function is to wick away sweat and keep the body dry. For warmer days, choose a thin version SL (Superlight), slightly thicker versions are referred to as Seamless (seamless) and the most insulating, for really cold conditions, is Power Grid™. There are also models that use natural wool Merino in addition to man-made fibres.


We usually wear a jersey as an additional layer. Depending on the weather, cyclists choose short or long versions, with or without insulation. Specialized jersey collection The range of jerseys is extensive, so there's something for everyone. Insulated jerseys are labeled as Thermal Jersey and use the aforementioned unique Polartec® Power Grid™ construction or brushed interior as insulation. If it's even colder outside, accessories made of Alpha® Direct material. Small, dense bundles of fibres hold a volume of air that keeps the cold out. Choose from the Trail collection, which has a more civil, loose fit, or the Prime collection, where the fit is more body-hugging and the outer material is more water and wind resistant.

The outer layer

The outer layer should effectively protect against the weather. If you don't need 100% water resistance, lightly insulated and elastic jackets made of softshell. In rainy weather, you'll appreciate the water resistance of our shell materials. There are options for road cycling enthusiasts and off-road enthusiasts. If you're looking for wind protection without insulation, these are for you. Specialized windjackets. Again, you can choose from a snug road fit or a casual trail fit.

Lower body

Clothing for the upper body is essential for thermal comfort as it moves the least when cycling. However, the lower part must not be forgotten when choosing the right equipment. In warmer weather, cyclists can get by with

shorts which can be supplemented

warm-ups for the legs. Long tight

Long tight trousers They are usually already insulated, i.e. the inner part is made of brushed fleece. Some models are equipped with a non-pillowing membrane in the front. For bikers, there are loose

Long tight trousers that can be supplemented with a base layer.


Other accessories are also important, as we can't do without them in cold weather. Keeping our feet warm will allow us to Specialized

socks , which range from thin, midweight to thick (Deep Winter) with a Merino wool blend. A large proportion of body heat is also dissipated by the head and therefore needs to be well protected. For this purpose, the Specialized

hats or neck gaiters .

Fitted or loose fit

All Specialized clothing comes in 3 different fits. The most snug and performance oriented is the Form Fit, which provides a degree of compression and can be found on the SL collection. The Semi-form Fit is looser, still providing light compression but allowing a comfortable range of motion. It is available in the ADV and RBX collections. For the freestyle enthusiast, there's Relaxed Fit in the form of the Trail collection. It is characterized by freedom of movement and a more civil look. If you want to be stylish off the bike, there's a range for you Legacy that complements the sportswear collections with leisurewear.

Casual Clothes

Legacy Collection