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Speed of Light Collection

The Moment Light Leaves, Darkness Returns

"Darkness, Light, Speed—three elements so intertwined they cannot exist without the other. Nothing in the universe moves faster than light, but before and after is constant darkness. Inspired by this interplay and the futuristic landscapes our riders move through, the Speed of Light collection is equally intertwined—bikes and equipment existing together—to create our most stunning collection ever."

S-Works Tarmac SL7

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S-Works 7

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S-Works Evade

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The Core of the Collection

The story that brings this collection to life—darkness, light, speed—required more than talent and finding the right color pallet. Our design team, working hand-in-hand with our partners, quite literally invented a new black and red chameleon shifting pigment and painting process.

Darkness and Speed

Darkness is achieved through a bottomless black, with speed embodied by deep red, a color that represents energy, power, and vitality. Together, they create the Speed of Light’s shimmering, shifting chameleon paint. Inspired by ancient urushi painting techniques of the far east, these bikes and equipment reflect the pigment like a sumptuous lacquer, ever-changing at the speed of light.