An Aethos Project by Sam Lo


An Aethos Project by Sam Lo


An Aethos Project by Sam Lo

Creating art on the streets is dynamic, and in fast-paced Singapore, inspiration is everywhere… From the culture to the people, it gives me the tiny sparks I need to create. Colorful compositions of street art give me a way to express myself, and tell stories one spray can at a time. I want to inject the streets with vibrancy, and liven up the dull daily commute in the city. Keeping an open mind is important for me, and to stay humble and see the good in all ideas. I want to help people see our streets in a different light, our iconic buildings standing proud, different walks of lives intertwined, harmonious elements of a colorful life.

Taking control of my mindset helps me focus on my aspirations to keep moving forward and reach for my dreams. I am Creative, I am Curious, I am Hungry. I'm an Artist. I am me.... I'm not what others want me to be.

Be Yourself. Own Your Road and live out your destiny.


The brief was simple. Make it your own. Tell your story. Inspire others.

Every experienced rider knows that over time, a bicycle changes your life so much that it becomes a part of who you are. Our own bikes become so closely connected to us that it's easier to recognize us by the bike we ride than our own faces! It's an expression of our personality, a vehicle for freedom, call it what you will…. It becomes part of our identity.

The Aethos is a bike that boasts liveliness and exhilaration with every pedal stroke, for a ride incomparable to any other.

Its design is so simple that we often overlook the amazing and unique performance capabilities it can deliver, so we asked Singapore street artist Sam Lo to help us bring it to life through his work, make it personal, give it identity…. just as any rider would do with his own bike.

This is what Sam came up with. And it looks damn good.


Sam Lo/ ‘SKL0’ is a visual artist based in Singapore with humble beginnings as an urban artist.

Dubbed the "Sticker Lady"- a nickname given by the city in reference to the saga that was birthed from their work in the streets in 2012, Sam responds to the environment from which the work is created. Careful consideration is given to the context, setting, history and sensibilities of the subject matter in order to properly communicate and express its essence. This sensitivity and method of storytelling proves to be the artist’s strength, with the same sensibilities applied across different mediums from large scale murals to detailed illustrations to delicately hand-sculpted sculptures.

Coupled with the artist’s signature style of vibrant colours and complex compositions, Sam’s pieces strive to illustrate the fabric of our society through art.


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