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    Men's S-Works Diverge Frameset


    2018 Men's S-Works Diverge Frameset

    While the fun may begin where the road ends, you still need a bike that'll get you there—one bike that shreds singletrack and crushes through road miles with equal expertise. Sure, some have tried to make their 'cross bikes more "road-capable" (whatever that means), and others have made their road bikes more "adventure-ready," but we created one bike that makes no compromises between the two. The S-Works Diverge redefines the possibilities for adventure on a drop-bar-bike.

    With a completely redesigned frame, the new Diverge is more capable than ever. And with the constant goal to best meet your needs, we took your number one request into account—tire clearance. The new frame will comfortably fit up to 700x42mm tires with plenty of room for mud, too. Along with tire clearance, weight was a large factor in the development, and taking some design cues from the development of the Roubaix, we developed a sub 900-gram FACT 11r carbon frame that's one of the lightest in the category. Actually, it's pretty damn light, even if your intent was more Polka Dot Jersey than hunter's plaid flannel.

    Next up, we moved away from a traditional 'cross geometry, instead opting for something that hasn't been seen before—Open Road Geometry. We know what you're thinking, "it's just another marketing term," but for the Diverge, we truly did develop an entirely new geometry. With a touch less hyperbole, you can think of it as a road version of modern trail bike geometry. It provides playful handling and predictable steering for endless dirt skids and mid-corner drifts. The geo features a bottom bracket that's over a half-centimeter lower than the previous Diverge, a slacked-out head tube angle, short chainstays, and a short wheelbase. These changes make for a bike that's not only fun in the dirt, but also performs well on the road.

    And while riding gravel and dirt roads on a road bike may add to the adventure, there's only so much that wider tires with lower pressures can absorb, in terms of bumps. With this in mind, we implemented a new version of our Future Shock into the Diverge design. It not only soaks up bumps with ease, but also adds the benefit of extremely predictable handling. That's because the wheelbase isn't lengthening when you hit a bump, so the front end of the Diverge keeps the same effective head tube angle. In other words, when you dive hard into a turn, you won't be surprised by under steer or sloppy handling. Unlike the original Future Shock, the Diverge's version features a progressive spring that makes this technology more suitable for off-road applications, where stiffer suspension is often needed to soak-up larger bumps and obstacles.

    To add to its multifaceted talents, we topped it off with three water bottle mounts, mounts for racks and fenders, and our Road SWAT™ kit that fits a tube, CO2, CO2 head, valve extender, and money clip. So while it's one of the most smile-inducing bikes you'll ever ride, it's equally adept at commuting or even bikepacking.

    Tekniska specifikationer

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    S-Works FACT 11r carbon, Open Road Geometry, 12x142mm thru-axle, Future Shock Progressive suspension, 20mm of travel, flat mount disc



    Specialized CG-R, FACT carbon, single-bolt, 27.2mm


    Alloy, 31.2mm



    CeramicSpeed 386 EVO



    S-Works FACT carbon, flat mount disc, 12x100mm thru-axle

    * Vikter baserade på produktion av målade ramar som avbildas. Faktiska vikter kommer att variera beroende på färgsättning, ramstorlek och komponentvariation. Specifikationer kan ändras utan förvarning.


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    Crank Length165mm170mm172.5mm172.5mm165mm165mm
    Handlebar Width380mm400mm420mm420mm360mm360mm
    Stem Length80mm90mm100mm100mm70mm70mm
    Saddle Width155mm155mm155mm155mm155mm155mm
    Seatpost Length350mm350mm400mm400mm400mm400mm
    Head Tube Length108mm128mm155mm178mm90mm95mm
    Head Tube Angle70.8°71°71.9°72.5°72.5°72.8°
    BB Height265mm265mm265mm265mm265mm265mm
    BB Drop85mm85mm85mm85mm85mm85mm
    Fork Length, Full390mm390mm390mm390mm390mm390mm
    Fork Rake/Offset50mm50mm50mm50mm55mm55mm
    Front Center593mm597mm599mm604mm618mm629mm
    Chainstay Length419mm419mm421mm421mm421mm421mm
    Top Tube Length, Horizontal524mm532mm549mm561mm575mm589mm
    Bike Standover Height704mm726mm752mm776mm801mm815mm
    Seat Tube Length405mm440mm473mm500mm525mm555mm
    Seat Tube Angle73.5°73.5°73.5°73.5°74°74°


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