Men's Tarmac

The Men's Tarmac doesn't do one thing well, it does everything exceptionally—which is why it's been ridden to victory in all three Grand Tours. The new Tarmac's advanced materials and aerodynamic design add a modern edge to the lively character of a classic race bike, while its Rider-First Engineered™ design ensures that the Tarmac sprints, corners, and descends with uniform excellence across every size.

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Brake Type
Model Year
Men's S-Works Tarmac Disc
kr117,999.00 kr117,999.00
Women's S-Works Tarmac Disc
kr117,999.00 kr117,999.00
Men's S-Works Tarmac
kr112,999.00 kr112,999.00
Tarmac Disc Pro
kr79,999.00 kr79,999.00
Men's Tarmac Disc Pro
kr72,999.00 kr72,999.00
Men's Tarmac Disc Expert
Starting at kr49,999.00 kr49,999.00
Men's Tarmac Expert
kr49,999.00 kr49,999.00
S-Works Tarmac Disc Frameset – Sagan Collection Mirror LTD
Starting at kr47,999.00 kr47,999.00
S-Works Tarmac Disc Frameset
kr45,999.00 kr45,999.00
S-Works Tarmac Disc Frameset - Mixtape LTD
kr43,999.00 kr43,999.00
S-Works Tarmac Frameset
kr41,999.00 kr41,999.00
S-Works Tarmac Disc Frameset
kr41,999.00 kr41,999.00
Men's Tarmac Disc Comp
kr36,999.00 kr36,999.00
Men's Tarmac Comp
kr36,999.00 kr36,999.00
Women's Tarmac Disc Comp
kr35,999.00 kr35,999.00
Tarmac Pro Frameset
kr29,999.00 kr29,999.00
Women's Tarmac Disc Sport
kr27,999.00 kr27,999.00