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Whether you're riding in the backcountry or racing enduro, you need a bike that's capable and efficient. After all, to ride "all mountain" necessitates riding the entire mountain. That's why our Enduro line of all mountain bikes, both in 650b and 29er options, come equipped with loads of travel, lightweight constructions, and geometries that can handle themselves on anything from downhill tracks to stomach-wrenching climbs.

  • S-Works Enduro 29/6Fattie

    S-Works Enduro 29/6Fattie

    SEK 92999

  • S-Works Enduro 29 - Limited Edition Frame

    S-Works Enduro 29 - Limited Edition Frame

    SEK 37799

  • S-Works Enduro 29/6Fattie Frame

    S-Works Enduro 29/6Fattie Frame

    SEK 92999

  • Enduro Pro Carbon 29/6Fattie

    Enduro Pro Carbon 29/6Fattie

    SEK 66499

  • Enduro Elite Carbon 650b

    Enduro Elite Carbon 650b

    SEK 48999

  • Enduro Elite Carbon 29/6Fattie

    Enduro Elite Carbon 29/6Fattie

    SEK 48999

  • Enduro Comp 29/6Fattie

    Enduro Comp 29/6Fattie

    SEK 33999

  • Enduro Comp 650b

    Enduro Comp 650b

    SEK 33999