Stylish, fun, and powerful, our Turbo Como is the first e-bike to combine good looks with utility. So whether you're headed to your local bakery to pickup a fresh baguette or just out on a weekend ride with your squad, the Turbo Como will have you smiling more and sweating less. Isn't that what it's all about?

We're Putting Our Foot Down
Ground Control Geometry
Start easy, stop easy. Como's geometry gives you complete control and confidence when you're riding and stopping. Want to put a foot down at a light? No problem.
As You Wish
Integrated Specialized E-Bike Technology
Experience full integration with an integrated, removable, and lockable battery. Our Specialized E-Bike Motors are the smoothest and quietest out there. And with the integrated battery, we put the total package in a more streamline chassis. You can thank us later.

It’s You, Only Faster

This technology ain't off the shelf. Specialized E-Bike Technology is all done in-house, and it makes your ride faster and more efficient. Why? Because no matter where you’re headed, we want you to have a wide smile on your face before you get there.
You Got Power
This is the motor of motors. With a totally redesigned and integrated motor, the Turbo Como surges far ahead of the competition. First off, the proprietary Rx Street Tune takes the power of a belt-driven motor that's smooth, silent, and free of annoying vibrations, and makes it optimized for riding in an urban environment—so the harder you push on the pedals, the more power the motor puts out. This means that when you start from a standstill, even on the steepest of pitches, you'll take off safe and easy.
Plenty of Juice
This battery won't leave you stranded. As with all of the bikes in our Turbo line, the Como features a custom, seamless integrated, and lockable battery that’s just as easy to remove as it is to charge. Not only that, but this iteration houses plenty of charge to get you to the grocery store, take you on a cruise down the bike path, or accompany on your journey across town.

Comfort on the Go