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We started S-Works for professional racers, but what they raced was a limit-pushing version of a product that merely resembled what you could buy. Speed was the focus, so tradeoffs were made in comfort & longevity. But after 40 years of innovation, S-Works has eliminated any gap between "fastest" and "best." It represents the best that we know how to make, and it's ready for you to ride.


Made in Racing

Specialized started S-Works to meet the demands of professional racers. Historically what racers raced was a stripped back, limit-pushing version of a product that merely resembled what you could buy. These bikes were built to be fastest to the finish line, so trade-offs were made in comfort, longevity, and required a professional mechanic or service course. Today, after four decades of investing and innovating to meet the needs of the most demanding riders, any gap between ‘fastest’ and ‘best’ has been erased. Fueled by our unequivocal passion for racing, pushed by the world’s best riders, and armed with the best facilities in the world—including the world’s only Win Tunnel— when we add the S-Works badge to our bikes and equipment, you can be certain that it is the absolute best that we know how to make.

Venge ViAS

When we set out developing the new S-Works Venge ViAS, we expected it to be faster than the original. What we didn’t expect was that it would be the fastest bike we’ve ever made. The result of almost 1000 hours spent in our very own Win Tunnel is a bike that can save you 120 seconds over 40km. Every tube shape has been optimized and designed to work as a system with the aerodynamic benefits of the new CLX 64 wheels and our proprietary Zero-Drag brakes. Add to this the blistering responsiveness and rigidity of its Rider-First Engineered™ frame, and all that's left is to start working on your victory celebrations.


Five More Minutes

Five products that'll save you five minutes on an average ride—it's a complete aerodynamic ecosystem designed for uncompromising speed. Individually, they flex serious aero muscle, with each standing as the fastest we've ever produced in their respective category. But together, they're a veritable Aero Armada that's so fast, so effective that it only leaves room for one question: What are you going to do with your newfound five minutes?




Bringing an idea to life is never easy, and when that idea is the fastest skinsuit in the world, it's even harder. Against all odds, however, the S-Works Evade skinsuit manages to be just that, and to celebrate the struggle, we've lifted the veil on the people and process that brought it to life.


S-Works Evade Skinsuit

An imprecise fit results in fabric bunching, and fabric bunching equates to lost seconds. So to remedy this, the S-Works Evade Skinsuit focuses on providing a next-to-custom level of fit via cuff-less, welded sleeve openings, 11 size offerings, and a patent-pending seamless shoulder. And while all of this adds to a sleeker aerodynamic profile, we also incorporated Dimplex fabric at the shoulders to further reduce pressure drag. So when you combine all of these features with fatigue- and temperature-reducing engineered materials, you get a skinsuit that’ll save you 96 seconds over 40 kilometers in comparison to a jersey and bib shorts.



The Specialized Racing Mountain team is comprised of many moving parts. Fortunately, Benno Willeit, Team Manager and adept handler of extremely talented cats is there to orchestrate it all. Discover how he ended up Ringmaster to this troupe of world-class performers.



XC World Championships, Olympic Gold, more Cape Epic wins than we can count—if a bike were the sum of its accolades, the Epic would sit atop the throne. But we tend to think that a bike is the sum of its parts. After all, when you make the world’s fastest cross country mountain bike, those wins come naturally. To make sure of it, the Epic features our proven 29er Geometry and legendary FSR suspension. And to take FSR’s active and independent design a step further, we include our exclusive Mini Brain Rear Shock that’s engineered to read the terrain for the perfect, most efficient ride possible. The result? The Epic puts out more speed, control, and ultimately, more wins, than any other XC bike out there. It doesn’t get any faster.



In the expert hands of the pro women of the Boels-Dolman’s Cycling Team, the S-Works Amira has found itself hitting the finish first in a bevy of races this season, including Megan Guarnier’s impressive solo victory at the Strade Bianche and countless Lizzie Armitstead World Cup wins on her way to the 2015 overall. And with good reason. With its stiff and responsive carbon frame, the Amira reacts instantly to snappy accelerations, and carves tricky descents like a sushi master carves sashimi. Performance, quality, and handling—these are the words woven into its DNA—and with high-end components, and a super-fast, aerodynamic Roval wheelset, the S-Works Amira is a true competitor’s dream.



Winning a Grand Tour isn’t easy. So when riders like Alberto Contador and Vincenzo Nibali came to us and said they needed a bike that could help them win the biggest races in the world, we knew that we had to deliver. The S-Works Tarmac starts out with the complete performance of its Rider-First Engineered™ frame, ensuring uniformed performance across the entire size run. This means that, whether you ride a 46cm or a 61cm, you’ll be able to take advantage of the explosive climbing and legendary descending capabilities of the FACT 11r frame and fork. So you get a bike that does more than what you ask of it, regardless of the terrain. And if that’s not enough, it’s already been piloted to wins at the Tour, the Giro, and the Vuelta—not a bad track record.


Specialized Factory Racing

Enduro World Series Rotorua, New Zealand