Roval SLX 23 - Front
€ 254,50
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Roval SLX 23 - Front

€ 254,50
Peça Nº:  118043
The Roval SLX 24 front wheel is no nonsense. At only around 645g, it's designed for light overall weight, but this doesn't mean that it sacrifices anything to strength or durability. Instead, its 17mm-wide alloy rim (internal width) works to bolster the aforementioned characteristics, while also providing the optimal tire profile in order to enhance both confidence and feel on the road. Meanwhile, the rim has been hand-built to a Roval aero hub with DT Swiss spokes. Add it all up, and you get a wheel that checks all of the boxes for daily training and CX racing—lightweight, stiff, and incredibly reliable.
  • Tipo de Aro: clincher em alumínio para pneu
  • Material do Aro: alumínio
  • Superfície de travagem: alumínio CNC
  • Altura da pista de travagem: 9mm
  • Profundidade do Aro: 22mm
  • Largura do Aro: 17mm interna, 22mm externa
  • Enraiamento: Radial
  • Número de Raios: 20
  • Tipo de Raio: DT Swiss Revolution straight pull
  • Tipo de Cabeça de Raio: DT Swiss Pro Lock spherical
  • Cubo da Frente: Roval , corpo em carbono/alumínio, rolamentos CeramicSpeed
  • Método de montagem: à mão
  • Peso: 645g