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    Men's Mountain Liner Bib Shorts with SWAT™

    Nós entregamos! Basta dizeres quando e como.

    You might say that you love your pack, but the massive sweat stain on your back says otherwise. It's time that you carry your trail essentials in the most logical manner possible—carry them with our Mountain Liner Bib Shorts with SWAT™. With them, we were able to create a patent-pending design that houses five integrated SWAT™ pockets on the shorts themselves. The pockets sit flush against the body, and they're shaped and structured to ensure that their contents won't ever come bouncing out. Additionally, the pockets vary in size and location, which means that you'll always have a perfectly shaped pocket for your big and small items, alike.

    As for the shorts, we designed them to stand on their own, not literally, but in the sense that you'd love wearing them with or without the nifty pockets. To do so, we made them from our beyond lightweight VaporRize™ mesh fabrics for the utmost in comfort and breathability, while the 8.5-inch inseam (size Medium) plays nicely with shorts when you're layering.

    Carneiras e Selins que Trabalham em Conjunto

    A carneira Body Geometry 3D é mais do que apenas pré-moldada para combinar com a tua anatomia e materiais que esticam - ela é curva para refletir a forma dos nossos selins Body Geometry para uma combinação que oferece conforto sem precedentes na tua volta.

    Mountain Liner Bib Shorts w/ SWAT™
    Mountain Liner Bib Shorts w/ SWAT™

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