Girl's Hotrock 12 Coaster
€ 219,00
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Girl's Hotrock 12 Coaster

€ 219,00
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Girl's Hotrock 12 Coaster
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Especificações Técnicas
Chances are, your first bike had a coaster brake. They're easy to use, and honestly, you can't beat the awesome skids that you can do with them. If you're feeling overwhelmed with nostalgia right now, don't worry—your little girl can get one, too, with the Girl's Hotrock 12 Coaster. It has one gear that's easy to spin and a simple-to-use coaster brake. This means that the bike is easy to ride, but just as importantly, it means less maintenance for you. We also made the bike to be plenty tough to stand up to the hard use that every kid is capable of, with a durable 12-inch A1 Premium Alloy frame that has an ultra-low standover to make getting on and off the bike a breeze. Then there's a bombproof fork that'll take curb hops in stride and a whole host of strong components. Add it up, and you get a machine that's built for pure fun with a thoughtful design that'll have you spending more time riding with your kid and less time at the repair counter. 
  • Tough, light, and durable, the A1 Premium Aluminum frame is built to stand up to years of tough riding.
  • A steel coaster brake makes slowing down and stopping as easy as can be.

Especificações Técnicas

QUADRO Specialized em alumínio A1 Premium, singlespeed de 12" com travão contra-pedal, tubos formados, dropouts horizontais
APERTO ESPIGÃO Alumínio, 28.6mm
FORQUETA Aço Hi-Ten, coluna 1" com rosca, para eixo de 3/8"
PUNHOS Specialized, Kraton, laterais fechadas, 105mm
ESPIGÃO Steel, 25.4mm, integrated w/ saddle
GUIADOR Specialized Kid's, aço, recuo 10 graus, elevação 4 graus, elevação 55mm, 22.2mm
SELIM Specialized Kids, pega integrada, espigão em aço integrado 25.4mm
AVANÇO De quilha, alumínio, 22.2mm
CORRENTE KMC Z510, single speed, anti-drop, 1/2"x1/8"
EIXO PEDALEIRO Aço, rolamentos de esferas soltas
PEDAIS Plataforma em nylon, c/ refletores
CUBO TRASEIRO Aço, travão coaster (contra-pedal), eixo com porcas, 16f
PNEU TRASEIRO Rhythm Lite, 12x2.0", 30TPI, flancos de arame
AROS 12", alumínio, parede simples, junção cravada, 16f
RAIOS Inox, 14g
PNEU DIANTEIRO Rhythm Lite, 12x2.0", 30TPI, flancos de arame
CÂMARAS DE AR Válvula Schrader
CUBO DIANTEIRO Aço, eixo com porca, 16f


Geometry Chart

Hotrock - Geometria

Comprimento do Cranque 3in
Comprimento do Avanço 35mm
Comprimento do Guiador 470mm
Seat Post Length 190mm
Comprimento da Escora Inferior 272mm
Ângulo do Tubo Vertical 71°
Ângulo do Tubo de Direção 70°
Rake 5mm
Comprimento do Tubo de Direção 80mm
Tubo Superior (Atual) 338mm
Tubo Superior (Horizontal) 349mm
Tubo Vertical - Centro ao Topo 169mm
Altura do Tubo Horizontal ao Solo 323mm
Altura do Eixo Pedalerio ao Solo 173mm