Kids' Bikes

Remember the freedom, fun, and sense of accomplishment that your first bike gave you? Well, these days, kids can share that excitement at an even earlier age with our collection of kids' bikes and equipment. From toddler-friendly walk bikes to pint-sized helmets, we have everything you need to get your little ones away from the screen and out on their bikes.

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Product Family
Brake Type
Wheel Size
Riprock Comp 24
kr6,799.00 kr6,799.00
Riprock 24
kr5,299.00 kr5,299.00
Riprock 20
kr4,699.00 kr4,699.00
Hotrock 24
kr3,999.00 kr3,999.00
Hotrock 20
kr3,399.00 kr3,399.00
Riprock Coaster 16
kr2,499.00 kr2,499.00
Riprock Coaster 12
kr2,299.00 kr2,299.00
kr1,799.00 kr1,799.00