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Bikes for Your Life


We’ve been living by these words since 1974, but in the era of COVID-19 riding has become more important than ever. Riding naturally provides physical distancing and all the exercise you could ever need. That’s why the World Health Organization just recommended that people who need to move around to work or meet essential daily needs should ride a bicycle. We couldn’t agree more.

And did we mention it’s just a heck of a good time? So, take a look at bikes that’ll help you fit riding into your day-to-day routine.


Get Out

From light hill-climbers to pedal-assist bikes that’ll flatten hills for you, our Fitness Bikes are designed to help you get on, get out, and achieve your goals fast.


Get There

Whether it’s riding to work, running errands, or hauling groceries, our Transport Bikes make sure you get there fast—and in style. Choose between lightweight pedal or e-Bikes.


Get Around

These bikes were born to cruise fast, with an upright position, easy handling, and a nimble ride. Whether choosing a lightweight pedal or electric model, getting around and looking good has never been easier.