The Adventure Dispatch

They say that the journey is greater than the destination, and if this were true, it would make sense why Sarah Swallow spends so much of her time planning overnight adventures. As she'll explain, this kind of riding offers a fresh perspective to more than just the open road, but to life itself.


In this episode of The Adventure Dispatch, we head out on an overnight ride with Sarah Swallow through the Humboldt Redwood State Park. Sarah is an expert when it comes to creative route planning, which is why we're happy that she decided to share her methodology for sub-24-hour overnight riding (S24O). So take notes or just enjoy the scenery and get motivated, because you're about to learn what happens when you saddle-up, slow down, and take notice of the world around you.

Seeing the world from the seat of my bicycle is an incredible experience. There'll be hardships, and it's not always comfortable, but it will be rewarding no matter what.

Sarah Swallow

You have to look at life in terms of, you only have so much time on this earth, and how are you going to spend that time?