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Men's Therminal™ Deflect™ Jacket

We're all for layering, but anything you can do to minimize bulk is a win in our eyes—and that's why we developed the Men's Therminal™ Deflect™ jacket.

It features out warm, quilted core fleece insulation over the entirety of the jacket, but houses a Deflect™ wind-resistant layer over the chest to cut wind chill—much like wearing a vest over a thermal jacket.

Other features that make the Therminal™ Deflect™ Jacket a winter hit include reflective details for increased visibility, a zippered rear pocket, and a road fit that prevents flapping.

Rider Reviews

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Please read.

Product is a good balance of warmth and breathable. It is well designed and fits true to size. It is fitted and moves well with ones body movement It appears to be well made but I have not used/abused it enough to honestly evaluate.