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Roval Rapide CLX HG – Rear

We believe we’ve made the fastest all-around road wheels in the world. The Rapide CLX wheelset essentially combines the aerodynamic excellence of our UCI TT World Championship dominating CLX64 with the light weight and predictable handling of our Polkadot-Jersey winning CLX32. The result is a wheelset that delivers maximum speed in conditions found in real-world riding - climbing performance, slippery efficiency of a dedicated aero setup, and stable, confident handling, regardless of wind conditions."

Rider Reviews

  • 4.5
  • 2 Reviews

Strengths, weaknesses and tips after riding 2000 km on a pair of Rapide CLX

STRENGTHS - Fast, handle well (even in windy conditions), comfortable, great steel bearings, gloss black decals look understated and classy (if that's an aesthetic you like). WEAKNESSES - Easy to scuff or scratch (see tips/tricks below), installing/removing tyres can be difficult (see tips/tricks below), spokes on the ‘drive side’ of the rear wheel sit against one another and rub (put grease or wax between them). TIPS - Clean with a good quality microfibre cloth and warm water. - **Always** place cloth or thin rubber between the rim and a tyre lever to prevent damage to the rim. - **Always** place tyre beads in the deeper central channel of the rim so they have enough slack when you’re pushing them over the rim’s sidewall. You should be able to install most tyres with thumbs. - To remove a tyre, push one of the tyre beads into the central channel of the rim—this is the tyre bead you'll pull over the sidewall of the rim using tyre levers.

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