Does every Specialized helmet feature MIPS?

Yes, every helmet model in the line is now available with MIPS. We do however still have the following helmets available in non-MIPS options: Shuffle Youth, Shuffle Child, and Mio.


A number of MIPS studies indicate that MIPS liners reduce the rotational forces that occur during oblique impacts.

How does MIPS work?

The MIPS system is a low-friction layer that allows a sliding motion of 10mm to 15mm in all directions. MIPS studies indicate that this reduces some of the rotational forces transmitted to the brain during angled impacts.

Which MIPS systems are used in each Specialized helmet?

SL: S-Works TT, S-Works Evade II, S-Works Prevail II, and Ambush

B-Series: Centro, Align, Align II, Shuffle, and Mio

C-Series: Airnet, Ambush Comp, Chamonix, Echelon, Tactic III, and Propero III

E-Series: S-Works Dissident

Specialized and MIPS SL

В течение первого года технология MIPS SL будет эксклюзивно представлена только в шлемах Specialized. MIPS SL - это новая, ультралёгкая и невероятно удобная версия полос MIPS.

What are the differences between the MIPS SL, B-Series, C-Series, & E-Series liners?

All MIPS liners meet the same safety standards and function in the same fashion, with every helmet being customized with the right solution for the helmet’s intended purpose. Our lightest and best ventilated helmets, for instance, utilize MIPS SL, which is specifically designed to maximize airflow and to minimize weight.