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Think Fastest

Winning Is Everything

You’re looking at the fastest XC bikes in the world. Building on the legacy of the winningest full suspension XC bike in history, this freshly redesigned Epic family delivers an unmatched combination of pedaling efficiency, light weight, and control.

“Make the fastest XC bike ever.” That was the Epic development team’s audacious mission. Luckily for them, the starting point was the winningest full suspension XC race bike in history. Building from this, the team delivered an unmatched combination of pedaling efficiency, light weight and control. Mission accomplished.

Winning IS Everything


If winning isn’t everything, we’re doing something wrong. For 20 years, Epics have rocketed more racers to the top of the podium than any other full suspension XC bike. Now with a smarter, tougher, more responsive Brain shock and a stiffer, lighter frame, the new race-focused Epic cuts the time between starting line and victory even shorter.

Singletrack Scorcher

Epic EVO

Crossing the finish line first isn’t the only way to worship at the altar of speed. When it comes to ripping backcountry miles and railing endless singletrack with ruthless efficiency, the Epic EVO—with its purebred Epic speed, tuned suspension, increased travel and trail-tweaked geo—is your crazy-fast riding partner.

Think Fastest

Epic World Cup

The Epic World Cup sets riders up with breakthrough performance of instant pedal response and maximum efficiency through a fully integrated approach to the chassis, custom shock design, and ride dynamics. It’s a purpose-built machine, and its purpose is to win.

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Innovate or Die

When you’re building on a two-decade obsession with speed, no stone is left unturned. Finite Element Analysis, tube shape optimization, and some of the most experienced athletes on the planet strung up with sensors and wires helped shape the fastest XC bikes on the planet.

Epic Development Leads

Being tasked with making the fastest XC bike we’ve ever made even faster is no small feat. Brian Gordon, Jason McDonald, Mike “Mick” McAndrews and Chance Ferro dug into every aspect of handling, stiffness and suspension kinematics to do exactly that. The result is not one, but two, purpose-built Epic platforms for the fastest racers and riders in the XC world.