“Challenges make our lives vibrant”


How was your 15 days of challenge?
Each of us may have different experience and results but we would like to applause everyone who have participated and achieved the challenge outcomes.

Everyone who have completed the challenge are rewarded with custom frame name stickers.
It will be distributed to your selected Specialized Brand Stores by the end of Oct.

Please check below list for the results.
It is riders’ first 2 letters ofyour name and final 4 digits of phone no.
(김영훈 010-1234-5678 -> 김영* 5678)

Edition Frameset

Lucky Draw

김부* 7075 (52 Size)

* Prize will be distributed to your selected Specialized brand store. Separate contact will be sent out soon.

Custom Water bottle,

KEG and Bonk bag result[1/2]

김태* 9546 ㅣ 김종* 8940 ㅣ 황경* 0938 ㅣ 김찬* 6878 ㅣ 강전* 3097 ㅣ 서정* 1359 ㅣ 조한* 4645 ㅣ 임영* 2944

이해* 2595 ㅣ 김동* 7960 ㅣ 조영* 8370 ㅣ 김연* 9072 ㅣ 박상* 2231 ㅣ 박세* 1219 ㅣ 김태* 8804 ㅣ 곽동* 1500

서창* 2509 ㅣ 양윤* 0322 ㅣ 김태* 1280 ㅣ 김주* 8679 ㅣ 함석* 6485 ㅣ 이현* 9412 ㅣ 강영* 8842 ㅣ 정재* 1422

조재* 8131 ㅣ 박채* 7560 ㅣ 김일* 2012 ㅣ 송재* 6754 ㅣ 백인* 9279 ㅣ 장태* 6912 ㅣ 이상* 3256 ㅣ 소요* 4618

주민* 8090 ㅣ 박기* 7102 ㅣ 우준* 7367 ㅣ 이승* 7493 ㅣ 신용* 1801 ㅣ 용석* 6333 ㅣ 배경* 0047 ㅣ 이상* 3677

장승* 2145 ㅣ 안진* 4443 ㅣ 김의* 7232 ㅣ 박수* 3331 ㅣ 박수* 4460 ㅣ 이철* 9867 ㅣ 김영* 6614 ㅣ 김주* 4562

허태* 1852 ㅣ 이홍* 8316 ㅣ 김해* 9928 ㅣ 신재* 5368 ㅣ 김현* 1277 ㅣ 황민* 4488 ㅣ 임민* 7525 ㅣ 송건* 2142

Custom Water bottle,

KEG and Bonk bag result[2/2]

정현* 1244 ㅣ 김종* 7971 ㅣ 주소* 1558 ㅣ 최경* 8317 ㅣ 이창* 8218 ㅣ 김세* 7956 ㅣ 김학* 4752 ㅣ 김재* 2084

김진* 1885 ㅣ 박수* 0059 ㅣ 안희* 2755 ㅣ 공영* 3273 ㅣ 김다* 0728 ㅣ 홍훈* 8242 ㅣ 김휘* 4053 ㅣ 한언* 5370

배광* 9095 ㅣ 김병* 5815 ㅣ 김정* 5730 ㅣ 김대* 0878 ㅣ 박필* 9244 ㅣ 권혜* 1057 ㅣ 김지* 5065 ㅣ 김성* 1982

강동* 0921 ㅣ 박지* 5409 ㅣ 성현* 6835 ㅣ 김준* 8090 ㅣ 윤혜* 2884 ㅣ 김성* 0661 ㅣ 최종* 7159 ㅣ 이상* 7492

노대* 3454 ㅣ 김인* 3354 ㅣ 채지* 5929 ㅣ 심형* 1915 ㅣ 유종* 9346 ㅣ 강필* 8352 ㅣ 김균* 6365 ㅣ 임대* 1979

김광* 0120 ㅣ 김필* 8188 ㅣ 정상* 2037 ㅣ Charlotte* 7891

* Prize will be distributed to your selected Specialized brand store. Separate contact will be sent out soon.

Edition Frameset

Purchase Raffle Result

49 Size Purchase Raffle Result
오미* 4841 ㅣ 김상* 5922 ㅣ 김웅* 7507 ㅣ 이창* 1343 ㅣ 백향* 3458

52 Size Purchase Raffle Result
전찬* 8596 ㅣ 정지* 1197 ㅣ 서우* 1215 ㅣ 김미* 5602

54 Size Purchase Raffle Result
최윤* 1861 ㅣ 우동* 3868 ㅣ 조아* 1063 ㅣ 추연* 1646 ㅣ 박철* 7875

56 Size Purchase Raffle Result
김재* 0257 ㅣ 김용* 2882 ㅣ 정치* 8572 ㅣ 남기* 7453

* Separate contact will be sent with purchase URL link added.
If the transaction is not made during the limited period, purchase opportunity will be handed over to reserve raffle winner.

“Challenges make our lives vibrant”


Introducing the new brand campaign ‘ATTACK FOR PROGRESS’
– one of eight statement from Specialized Way which defines the brand identity.

“Challenges make our lives vibrant”

It is one of the eight statements of the Specialized Way that defines the brand identity of Specialized. Introducing the new brand campaign ‘ATTACK FOR PROGRESS’.

The true meaning of ‘ATTACK FOR PROGRESS’ is to look forward with an enterprising attitude and encourages challenges, rather than defining the outcome. The process itself suggests that it has value to all of us.

We actually all know the fact. The fact that consistently working hard and investing time to achieve something – that it changes us with a sense of accomplishment that cannot be replaced by anything else in the world. And through this process, our lives finds meaning and make each day more vibrant.

This campaign is collaborated with Korean artist Grafflex, who creates his own art world based on graphics.

Artist Grafflex

Graflex is an artist who creates his own art world in various ways such as illustration, painting, installation, and art toys based on graphics. It conveys a message to the public through various shapes that exist in the world, but does not determine the meanings so that people can interpret and understand the work freely.

“This collaboration isn't just about riding a bike, it's about a new experience. Sunshine and wind, which I couldn't enjoy in my busy daily life, became the biggest source of inspiration for this collaboration. We live in the world that always pursues only fast results. But never to forget the joy we feel while riding – this is life where we can become who we are.”
- Grafflex

S-WORKS Tarmac SL7 Frameset
- Attack for Progress Edition

This edition model is designed with icons such as smile and symbols based on a variety of colors, just like Grafflex's previous works. In line with the concept of ‘ATTACK FOR PROGRESS’, the positive energy that is expressed in the process of attempting challenges and the forward-looking spirit of the future are expressed in a colorful and light manner with various icons.

When purchasing this frameset, 5 RipRock 20-inch bicycles for children will be donated to domestic children through a child relief NGO organization in the name of the purchaser, and donation receipt will be issued. Our goal is to give the next generation of riders – children with inspiration and courage to take on a challenge through bicycles.

This product is sold only to the people drawn by the raffle. Please participate in the raffle through the purchase application below. Raffles will be drawn by size and will be announced individually on 10/8.