Fun. Crazy. Sufferfest. No matter how you describe ‘cross, there’s no denying that it’s a good time and a precursor to the long winter to come. And this season, we're giving you two thumbs up to go ahead, drift that sand pit, and take that beer hand-up—just make sure you're doing it on the all-new CruX.

CruX is Unapologetically Cyclocross

When we set out to design a new ‘cross rig, we didn’t just want to make another "adventure" bike with added tire clearance. No way. We wanted to create a dedicated, purebred racing steed that was fast, confident, lightweight, and with a ride like no other ‘cross bike out there. And with multiple World Championships already attributed to its name, the new CruX is ready to take its storied legacy to new heights.

Better Rides & Lighter Frames: That's Rider-First Engineered™

Our Rider-First Engineered™ frames are directly inspired by our relationship with McLaren, meaning that they focus heavily on data-driven design. And not surprisingly, the new CruX is no different.

Over the years, our engineers found that riders on smaller frames were experiencing ride characteristics that were inverse to that of their larger counterparts—and vice-versa. For example, where a smaller frame is stiff on the flats, it might under-steer in the corners, while the opposite can be true for large frames. Correcting this required sophisticated instruments to quantify the forces being applied to the frame. In real-world testing, these measured the reactionary forces through the fork, stem, saddle—every conceivable input and output. And with an immense supply of data in tow, our engineers were able to create the remedy.

To equalize performance, they found that each size's performance targets required direct specificity. This means that, for every frame size, each tube size and carbon layup is specifically selected with the collected data in mind. The result? The optimal balance of rigidity, weight, and responsiveness across every frame size.

But what does this mean to you? No matter if you're riding a 61cm or a 49cm, you're going to experience the world's best ride, tailored specifically to you. That's Rider-First Engineered™.

Not only this, but it also allowed us to significantly drop the frame weight, so the new CruX now comes in at a scant 900 grams for a 56cm—over 400 grams lighter than the previous frameset.

‘Cross-Specific Features

Geometry: We know that cyclocross races are often won in the corners and over the barriers, which is why the new CruX geometry holds nothing back. For stability in the corners and on off-camber sections, the geometry has a lower bottom bracket and a sharper front end, making quick line changes and mid-corner drifts feel more predictable than ever before.

Mud-Minded: With maximum mud-shedding ability in mind, we included eight millimeters of frame clearance on all sides of a 33mm tire, providing plenty of room for muddy conditions.Easy-Shoulder Top Tube: With flat bottom and large opening to the front triangle, the top tube of the new CruX shouldering the bike a breeze when you're jumping over barriers and running up the stairs.

Modern Features

12x100/142 Thru-Axles: These industry-standard front and rear axles not only increase stiffness, and therefore deliver better handling characteristics, but they also make swapping wheels a breeze.

Compatible with One- and Two-By Drivetrains: Adding to its versatility, the new CruX can be set-up in either a 1x or 2x configuration, making it easy to find the right gearing for any race situation.

Flat-Mount Disc Brakes: There’s no denying that disc brakes offer superior stopping power, whether the conditions are wet or dry, and this is why each model features disc brakes. Not only this, but we've also utilized the new Flat-Mount standard, making sure that your new frame is future-proofed.