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Top Tube Pack

When you need extra storage on the bike, you take it where you can get it. That's why we redesigned our Top Tube Pack to be a smaller, lighter, and out-of-the-way solution for carrying your smaller ride essentials and gear. It's fully-waterproof with a nylon-coated mesh construction, fully-welded seams, and a waterproof two-way YKK zipper. To make it easy to get on and off the bike, it has a simple-to-use, three-point strap attachment system that's now also paired with hard mounts for better stabilization on any frame. This makes it easy to swap between bikes, or to take it off if you're locking up your bike outside for an extended period of time. Designed specifically to fit with our Diverge, this bag has storage capacity that's ample enough for some larger items like a camera, pumps, or extra water. A handy USB port also helps with cord maintenance and use. And despite its amazing storage capacity, it's small enough that small items won't disappear like they've fallen into a black hole.

Rider Reviews

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It's good but small

I bought this for my new 2021 diverge. The swat storage is amazing and holds all my bike repair stuff including an extra tube. But I wanted something to hold my wallet, car keys, and phone. This top tube bag is juuust barely big enough for those three items (for instance, I don't think the bag is big enough for a Samsung Galaxy series phone, especially since the back end of the bag tapers too much for how short it is. The phone would likely stick too far out or be too tall laying on its side and the zipper would likely not close over it), and perhaps one or two snack bars....maybe. I love that it has the top mounts and I don't have to use the straps! I wish it were 1/4 to 1/3 bigger though. It would be more useful. It really is just made for being big enough for some quick access to food bars. I will probably have to buy a small seat pack to have a little extra space for a small amount of real food or a beer or any other odds and ends 😊 A way to improve this bag would be to make it slight longer and slightly wider with perhaps some stretchy fabric on either side of the zipper so it could stretch around things a little. That does mean it would me less waterproof. But..since I don't have the straps in, there are open slits now on the front and bottom of the bag so not sure how waterproof it is anymore anyway. Might be nice to have a way to close those holes if you aren't using the straps.

Manuel P.