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S-Wallet Slim

Bikes play an integral part in our daily lives, and this Slim S-Wallet lets the world know just how much. It's made from the same material found on our S-Works shoes, so it's guaranteed to be soft, supple, and extremely durable. It features three pockets to hold your day-to-day essentials, while its slim design enables you to minimize bulk in your pocket. Carry it with pride.

Rider Reviews

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Looking for a slim form factor wallet. This is it.

This is the perfect front pocket wallet for guys looking to ditch the stereotypical inch thick wallet. It holds the 4 essentials in two outer pockets, 2 in each: 1) License/ID, 2) Credit Card, 3) ATM Card, 4) Insurance Card. The inner pouch holds a half a dozen tri-folded bills....plus my Pocket Guide to MN Bicycle Laws that I pull out when confused motorists erroneously tell me where I can or cannot ride my bike! The Specialized shoe textile adds a flair and matches my personality. Most people won't know what it is but those that do...well, they kow what is what. Ditch the thickness and get thin.