Little Trail Hunter

Join us for this heartwarming episode of Trail Hunter, as Matt Hunter and his son, Robbie, venture out for a little father and son time, just outside Kamloops, B.C.

If you learn just one thing from this video it’s this—things don’t have to be complicated to be fulfilling. A father, a son, some bikes, and a trail are all it takes. Recently, Matt Hunter took his son, Robbie, for a small overnight trip on the outskirts of Kamloops, near where they live. This meandering journey, with time to stop and explore along the way, proves that it’s the small things—the simple act of being together and sharing the adventure—that bring us joy. Little Robbie may have it all in front of him as he grows, but you can bet Dad’s going to be there to show him the way.

“We ride there because it's close to home and it has nice mellow hills for the Hotwalk,” says Matt, explaining the route they chose. We watch as they noodle along mellow roads, Robbie dragging his feet to slow down when he gets a little too much speed, Matt carrying him when it gets a little hilly. It’s a trip made of moments we recognize or longed for from our own childhoods, and it's as lovely as it is uncomplicated.

I love the way he gets excited about the littlest things. ‘Look Dad, it's some poop!’

Matt Hunter

“He's always asking to go bike riding and camping and fishing,” says Matt, “So that's what we did.”

The Hotwalk, a gift from Specialized after Robbie was born, has already seen plenty of action. “He's been riding it since he was 13 months old [he’s now two]. We took the seat off and built some custom padding so it was low enough. He started pushing it around on it as soon as he could walk.”

We asked Matt if he had any advice for those who watch this and want to do a trip of their own. “Just do it!” he said. “The trailer is very helpful for carrying enough food and gear to be comfortable, and it leaves room on your back for carrying a two-year-old when the hills are too much.”

Some bikes, a mellow trail, a sense of adventure, and hucking the occasional jump as your son cheers you on—it’s a simple recipe for adventure anyone can follow.

You don't need to go far to create a real adventure for a kid. We have camped out just a few hundred meters from home.

Matt Hunter


Video by Matt Miles
Photos by Sterling Lorence, Matt Miles


Wednesday, October 5, 2016