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Roval CLX 50 – Rear

First came our CLX 64. Then the 32s. And after racking up multiple wins in Grand Tours, Worlds, and everything in between, we knew that our best bet was to take the line to new heights, or well, new depths. We needed to design one wheel that was a true quiver killer. One wheel that had all the aerodynamic benefits of the 64 in a package that climbed like the 32, and that’s where the all-new CLX 50 comes in.

When we set out to create the CLX 50, we had clear goals in mind—create wheels that are 48 to 54mm deep, aerodynamically optimized, ultra-wide, and under 1400 grams. This meant that they'd have to borrow some weight savings techniques that we developed for the CLX 32, while taking some aero guidance from the CLX 64, if we were going to create what we like to call “the unicorn wheel."

Even though the CLX 50 is similar in weight to many wheels in the “lightweight” category, aerodynamics came at the forefront of the development. With this, we jumped headlong into Computational Fluid Dynamics computer modeling to arrive at various rim shapes that could make the CLX 50 as fast and light as possible. It took a while, but we narrowed the rim shape down to three contenders that were then CNC machined into rims, built into wheels, and put into the Win Tunnel.

In the tunnel, we tested every wheel, ours and the competition's, with a 24C tire (measuring 26C), as tires can drastically affect testing. We chose a modern-width tire to design our rims around, because they not only allow for less tire pressure (which results in more comfort and less rolling resistance) but are also just as aerodynamically efficient when paired with the correct rim width.

After finding the optimized rim shape that supported our svelte weight requirements, we opted to lace the rims, via 21 DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, to our Aero Flange (AF) hub with the legendary CeramicSpeed bearings and DT 240 hub internals. And when it was time for final testing validation, we were left with a 50mm-deep, 770-gram clincher wheelset that's not only ~200 grams lighter than the competition’s similar depth wheel, but is also measurably faster in every conceivable test than each wheel in its category.

Rider Reviews

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Pull the Trigger. Its a Confidence Booster.

I purchased the ROVAL CLX 50s for my 2009 Specialized Transition Pro TT. With experience from the ROVAL Carbons on my 2015 and 2018 S-Works Epics, 2015 Crux Pro and CLX 32s on my SL6 Tarmac Super Expert, I was sure the CLX 50s would easily endure drive train and bike washing. The Zipp Firecrest 808s did not. The finish was compromised every wash. Moreover, the 808 Front wheel served me a beating in strong winds @150 lbs. It always messed with my mind. I couldn't ride with confidence on the Front 808, and sold the Set. What a great decision. The CLX 50s exceed my hopes and expectations. They aren't phased by Drive Train cleanings and seem to hold up quite well in strong winds. I was/am super surprised by light they feel, and how well they handle on my TT. And their stopping power is unlike any other wheel I've ridden. I would say, even better than the CLX 32s I've ridden just as much. My experience on the CLX 50s (on my TT) has been so encouraging that I'm going to venture out on the CLX 64 Front and Rear. I just received my new Set of Team CLX 64s. And I'm going 2Bliss.

So R.