In the pursuit of speed, all trails lead to Camber. We designed it to be the ultimate speed-loving trail bike, which means that having equal efficiency both up and down the trail is an absolute must. To make sure of it, Cambers feature our fully active & independent FSR suspension and a geometry that hits all the sweet spots. If your rides see you going big and going fast, the Camber is tailor-made for you.

A Geometry Ready for Anything

If speed is your thing, Camber is the only trail bike you're ever going to need. Its geometry blends all of the trail bike characteristics that you want with the XC climbing prowess that you need, so up or down, it's just fast.


Efficiency is the Name of the Game

Too much suspension and your climbing suffers. Too little and the descents aren't as fun. That's why Camber hits right down the middle, giving you enough travel for the job at hand. This way, you're moving through the trail efficiently and going as fast as possible, up and down the trail.



Carbon models include our SWAT™ Door at the down tube that fully integrates your storage. It's big enough to hold a pump, a tube, and whatever else you can think up—it's the smart way to carry your gear.