Specialized Community FAQs

Specialized Community FAQs

What is the Specialized Community?

Specialized is in the pilot phase of launching something new to encourage a love of riding.

When you join the Specialized Community, you’ll have insider access to our athletes, new product news, educational content, and more. Any rider at any level can join us to ride, learn, and discover the latest news at Specialized.

Benefits include:
 • Access: Whether it be product sneak peeks, pre-orders, exclusive products, or opportunities to chat with our athletes, you’ll get access to experiences that bring you inside Specialized.
 • Community: Join local communities through organized rides, skills classes, events, and stories of community members in your area.
 • Education: At Specialized, we’re always striving to innovate and improve. Discover how to optimize your ride with our educational content for members.
 • Convenience: Receive fast and convenient shipping, free of charge, on apparel and equipment when signed in with your Specialized.com account.

What is the cost to join?

Joining the Specialized Community is free. For riders invited to join pilot markets, enjoying the benefits of membership will be as easy as logging into your account on Specialized.com and reading Specialized Community emails with details on upcoming events, new products, and more.

Which areas are participating in this new program?

This new Specialized Community is piloting in select cities in the US, UK, Singapore, and Brazil.

When will the Specialized Community be available in my area?

We are actively working on expanding the Specialized Community across the globe to all riders. For periodic updates on timing and availability in your area, join our waitlist here.

How do I get invited to Specialized events?

Members will receive communication via email. This is the primary way to learn about upcoming membership opportunities. If you’re a member who has not seen these invites, please double-check your spam and promotional inboxes or add [email protected] to your list of email contacts.

I've been invited to Specialized Community events. Can I bring a +1?

Yes! While the invitations are sent to members, we encourage you to bring a friend. The more the merrier.

I am a member, but my shipping isn't free.

Members must be signed into their Specialized.com account in order to receive free shipping on apparel and equipment. The cost of shipping for bike purchases is separate and is not eligible for free shipping.

I am having difficulties signing into my Specialized.com account.

If you have received an error message in a red box when signing into your account, you’ll need to verify your email address before your first sign-in. Simply click the ‘resend verification email’ link, check your email for the verification email, and click the red ‘verify email address’ button within the email. You will now be able to sign into your Specialized.com account.