Mountain Liner Pro Bib Shorts with SWAT™
129,90 €
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Mountain Liner Pro Bib Shorts with SWAT™

129,90 €
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It's official—the days of cumbersome packs and tape-on-the-frame tubes are over. With our Mountain Liner Pro Bib Shorts with SWAT™, you're able to both enhance the comfort of your ride and keep all of your ride essentials where you need them—right on your body.

Let's start with what many might consider these shorts' most innovative feature, the SWAT™ technology. We were able to create a patent-pending design that houses eight integrated SWAT™ pockets on the bib shorts themselves. The pockets sit flush against the body, and they're shaped and structured to ensure that their contents won't ever come bouncing out. Additionally, the pockets vary in size and location, which means that you'll always have a perfectly shaped pocket for your big and small items alike.

As for the shorts, we designed them to stand on their own, not literally, but in the sense that you'd love wearing them with or without the nifty pockets. To do so, we made them from our venerable VaporRize™ knit fabrics at the legs and an even lighter mesh material at the uppers. The combination makes the shorts incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and durable, while the 10-inch inseam (size Medium) plays nicely with shorts when you're layering.

For the chamois, you'll get our top-of-the-line Pro Body Geometry Pro insert. This chamois keeps pressure off of soft tissue like nothing else on the market, while also providing enhanced blood flow and plenty of support while in the saddle. We could go even further with medical explanations on why it's so awesome, but what's more important to you is that it's extremely comfortable.
  • Tissu VaporRize™ en mesh confortable et léger qui évacue la sueur.
  • Sept poches SWAT intégrées et poche de sécurité zippée (conception brevetée) pour ranger le nécessaire.
  • Revers avec impression en silicone pour un bon maintien sans compresser la cuisse.
  • Peau de chamois Body Geometry Mountain offrant un confort optimal en soulageant les pressions sur les nerfs et les tissus mous.
  • Entrejambe 10” (taille M).