Kirstine Faber Lauritsen

Varde, Denmark

Kirstine Faber Lauritsen

Varde, Denmark

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Kirstine Faber Lauritsen




Varde, Denmark

Day job

Event planning

Years riding 

My first ride was at a date in December 2015. Now, two years later I'm still riding and still dating the same man

Primary ride style

MTB because I love the adrenaline kick

Favorite place/route to ride

In the area around the Danish west coat - in the forest, the dune or at the coast side

Favorite Post ride meal or drink


Does your bike have a name 

Lady, she and her. Like "I just spend a few hours with this lovely lady", "She want to go on a tour with me" and "I love her colors"

Climb vs. descend

I prefer a good mix of both!

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would you go 

If I should name a single place it would Grand Canyon. But what I truly would love is to ride around the world at one big cycling holiday. Only using my bike to get from one country to the next

Full lycra kit? Y/N


Dream race or event 

Olympics would be the unrealistic dream of mine. But HEY - "Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars anyway" - that is another motto I have.

Who do you love riding with

My team. My buddies. My boyfriend. My self. It really depends on my mood! I really enjoy racing with my team. But I also find a tour with myself very peaceful. 

Favorite Quote/Motto

There is no failure, only feedback

Why do you ride

For a starter riding is great fitness! but the tours also always give me great experiences in the nature - even in bad weather! And evenhough riding is an individual sport, it is still very social

Skill/Goal for next year

I would like to do really good in the SRAM lige this year and I would like to develop better riding skills overall


Specialized Epic (Fully), Specialized Fate HT and a Specialized Ruby.


Specialized Propero II


Specialized Motodiva and Specialized Defroster