Viktoria Smidth Knudsen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Viktoria Smidth Knudsen

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Viktoria Smidth Knudsen


Vik, Vikki


Copenhagen, Denmark

Day job

Full-time student on CPH Business & Part time in Davinci Cykler

Years riding 

One full year of riding MTB

Primary ride style

I ride MTB and Cycle cross

Favorite place/route to ride

I love to ride in Holte, Klampenborg area and Hareskoven

Favorite Post ride meal or drink

Pre energy snack is a piece of rye bread with a thin layer of nutella, during riding I have elektrolyts in my water bottle and post biking I eat half a banana on some ryde bread. 

Does your bike have a name 

My Epic is named Etna - which means "Little Flame" in Greek and the Crux is named Crusher - because its tough to be a cross bike in Denmark with all this mud and rough weather. 

Climb vs. descend

I love the climbs if I know the decents are worth every drop

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would you go 

My dream place to go MTB would be New Zealand

Full lycra kit? Y/N


Dream race or event 

I have many dream races - but I think the top race would be a World Cup race or even the Cape Epic - that would be amazing

Who do you love riding with

Riding with a bunch of people always makes me happy, and I am looking forward to all the women social rides

Favorite Quote/Motto

Riding always has to be fun and inspiring

Why do you ride

Riding for me is a passion, motivation and a big life quality factor. I love riding on my bike in any conditions and love to recommend riding MTB to others, so they'll enjoy riding in the forrest as well. 

Skill/Goal for next year

I would like to do really good in the SRAM lige this year and I would like to develop better riding skills overall


Specialized Epic wmn MTB 2018 & Specialized Crux Sport 2018 


Specialized Propero III


Specialized S-Works 5 MTB