S-Works Venge ViAS Disc eTap
10.499,90 €
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S-Works Venge ViAS Disc eTap

10.499,90 €
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S-Works Venge ViAS Disc eTap
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Especificaciones técnicas

The S-Works Venge ViAS Disc with SRAM eTap is more than just a bike. When the first Venge launched, it changed aerodynamics, but now, we've designed a complete speed system. In fact, nearly every single piece of it was redesigned from the ground up, with every facet examined. And the result is a bike with supreme braking and a 116-second advantage, compared to the Tarmac SL5, over 40km.

In our Win Tunnel, every tube, trailing edge, and design cue was made for speed. It's also Rider-First Engineered™ to ensure that every frame size experiences uniform performance. Front-end stiffness, meanwhile, was increased by 30% over the Tarmac.

As one of the first elements to hit the wind, we realized that most stem and bar offerings cause too much aerodynamic drag. To achieve the best solution, while also interfacing with the frame, we found that a negative 17-degree stem was the best option. Most riders aren't flexible enough to ride in such an aggressive position, though, so we designed the Aerofly bars with a positive rise that replicates your most efficient position. This resulted in a bike that has next- to-no visible cables.

Of course, this disc iteration changes the game with undeniable stopping power without any penalty to the aerodynamic profile, so you get powerful braking without any sacrifice. Then there's the future-proof SRAM eTap wireless build kit and CLX 64 wheels that amplify the performance of this race rig. So when it comes to sprinting to the line, into the corner, or powering through the wind, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Venge ViAS.

  • El diseño del cuadro Rider-First Engineered ™, FACT 11r ha hecho de la Venge la bici más rígida y aerodinámica que jamás hemos creado. Cada forma de tubo, borde o forma, fueron influenciados por horas de pruebas en nuestro Túnel del viento, dinámica de fluidos computacional, prototipos impresos en 3D y pruebas de campo con ciclistas reales. Y en última instancia, esto dio lugar a la bicicleta más rápida que hemos hecho jamás.
  • Diseñada en nuestro túnel de viento, la horquilla cuenta con una construcción de carbono S-Works FACT 11r de gama alta que ayuda a cortar el aire como un cuchillo caliente a través de la mantequilla.
  • Las llantas Roval CLX 64 no sólo son las más rápidas que hemos probado, sino que funcionan de forma muy predecible en vientos cruzados, lo que las hace perfectos para todas las condiciones.

Especificaciones técnicas

CUADRO Carbono FACT 11r, Rider-First Engineered™, Win Tunnel Engineered, guiado interno de cables completo, eje pasante 12x142mm, OSBB carbono
HORQUILLA S-Works FACT 11r carbon, monocasco completo
ABRAZ. SILLÍN Specialized Venge
PEDALES Nylon, 105x78x28mm, rodamiento de bolas con reflectantes
DESVIADOR SRAM eTap, Braze-on, wireless
CASETE SRAM Red 22, 11-28t
MANILLAR S-Works Aerofly ViAS, 25mm
CINTA S-Wrap con gel Sticky
SILLÍN S-Works Power, 143mm, raíles y base de carbono, piel sintética
POTENCIA Venge ViAS aero
TIJA DE SILLÍN Tija Specialized Venge Aero, FACT carbon
RUEDA TRASERA Aro Roval CLX 64 Disc, Roval AFD2, Centerlock, rodamientos CeramicSpeed, DT Swiss 240 internals, 11-velocidades, eje pasante 12x142mm, 24h
NEUMÁTICO DEL. Turbo Cotton, 700x26mm, 320 TPI
RUEDA DELANTERA Aro Roval CLX 64 Disc, Roval AFD1, Centerlock, rodamientos cerámicos CeramicSpeed, 21 radios
CÁMARAS 700x18/25mm, válvula Presta de 80mm
NEUMÁTICO TRASERO Turbo Cotton, 700x26mm, 320 TPI


Geometry Chart

Venge - Geometría

  49 52 54 56 58 61
Longitud de biela 170mm 170mm 172.5mm 172.5mm 175mm 175mm
Longitud Potencia 85mm 85mm 95mm 95mm 105mm 115mm
Longitud Tija Sillín 330mm 330mm 380mm 380mm 380mm 380mm
Saddle Width 143mm 143mm 143mm 143mm 143mm 143mm
Ancho de manillar 400mm 420mm 420mm 420mm 440mm 440mm
Reach 386mm 385mm 386mm 395mm 401mm 408mm
Longitud Tubo Superior, Hrz. 518mm 536mm 547mm 565mm 581mm 600mm
Stack 505mm 526mm 543mm 564mm 591mm 612mm
Distancia entre ejes 974mm 974mm 981mm 992mm 1006mm 1014mm
Longitud de vaina 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm
Delante Centro 575mm 575mm 581mm 592mm 606mm 613mm
Caída Pedalier 71.5mm 71.5mm 69mm 69mm 68mm 67.5mm
Altura Pedalier 270mm 270mm 272.5mm 272.5mm 274mm 274mm
Ángulo de Tubo de Sillín 75.5° 74° 73.5° 73.25° 73° 72.5°
Ángulo de Pipa 72.25° 73° 73° 73.5° 73.5° 74°
Long. Tubo de Sillín 441mm 461mm 481mm 501mm 524mm 554mm
Longitud de Pipa 110mm 130mm 150mm 170mm 200mm 220mm
Bike Standover Height 730mm 755mm 775mm 795mm 826mm 850mm
Avance/Retroceso Horquilla 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm
Longitud Horquilla 358mm 358mm 358mm 358mm 358mm 358mm
Avance Horquilla 63mm 58mm 58mm 55mm 55mm 52mm