Roval SL 35 - Trasera
350,00 €
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Roval SL 35 - Trasera

350,00 €
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While aerodynamics are at the heart of everything we do, the Roval SL 35 rear wheel is far from a one-trick pony. Instead, it utilizes a 17mm-wide internal rim width to make the perfect tire profile. Not only does this enhance the wheel's aero benefits, but it also increases the tracking stability and performance of the wheel. Not stopping there, however, we also built the SL 35 to have a durable alloy rim construction that can withstand years of abuse without sacrificing rigidity or speed. And to build on this, each wheel is hand-built with Roval hubs and DT Swiss spokes.
  • Tipo de Llanta: Clincher de aluminio
  • Material de la llanta: aluminio
  • Superficie de frenado: Aluminio CNC
  • Altura de la superficie de frenado: 9mm
  • Profundidad de llanta: 35mm
  • Ancho de llanta: 17mm interno, 22mm externo
  • Radiado de la llanta: Radial/Dos cruces (2:1)
  • Número de radios: 24
  • Tipo de radio: DT Swiss Competition recto
  • Tipo de Cabecilla: DT Swiss Pro Lock spherical
  • Buje Trasero: Roval, rodamientos de cartucho sellados, 3 trinquetes, 11-velocidades
  • Método de montaje: montada a mano
  • Peso: 960g