Puños Contour Locking Mujer
20,00 €
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Puños Contour Locking Mujer

20,00 €
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Our Women's Contour Locking Grips were specifically designed to provide the utmost in comfort for women. That's why we worked closely with medical professionals over the course of their design to achieve something that's close to pure bliss. At the exterior, you'll find that they're shaped with a women's-specific, ergonomic design that's plenty flexible in order to disperse pressure and absorb shock and vibration. Furthering the latter, we gave the grips more volume for greater protection, so there's a high-density inner core, a medium-density body, and even softer padding in key contact areas to cushion the ulnar nerve. This means that your hands will be free of fatigue and numbness, so you'll exercise better control and handling. And just as importantly, the Contours have a locking design to secure their position on the bars, so you'll always have the right support, right where you need it.
  • Projetadas medicamente para conformar com a anatomia da mão. Isso alivia sintomas relacionados com pressão, como dor e dormência, que frequentemente levam a fadiga.
  • Mayor densidad en la zona interior para ceñirse mejor al manillar.
  • Plataforma de apoyo ergonómica y flexible que absorbe las vibraciones y dispersa la presión.
  • Cuerpo de densidad media para asegurar el agarre.
  • Abrazadera de bloqueo con tornillo de 3 mm que facilita la instalación y garantiza una fijación segura.
  • Densidad más suave en la zona de contacto del nervio ulnar o cubital.