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Love these wheels

I put these on my self built Aethos road bike with 30mm Conti GP500 S TR's experimenting in the neighborhood of 45psi (I'm 175 lb's). I first tried Hunt 35's with their 21mm inner running 55-60psi just because I had them lying around & the difference was a revelation in speed, stability & smoothness with the Roval's. The same tire measures 1.5mm wider but 2mm lower profile on the new +6mm of rim width. For Hawaii's rough road's & relentless trade (cross) wind's I couldn't be much happier, although I'll try 28's for a more aero profile & I do wish the outer rim width was a bit wider. The bearings felt surprisingly sluggish out of the box (to spin by hand, not something anyone would feel on the road) possibly associated with a heavy long wearing grease in sealed bearings? They are spinning more freely after several hundred miles.

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