Worth It

We ride, not because we have to but because of how it makes us feel. While riding, we find independence, forge life-long friendships, rise to meet challenges, and discover who we are and what we are capable of. Find inspirations, and stories of women and their Worth It moments, here.

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Worth It

What Makes It Worth It to You?

Is it savoring the view after a long and hard climb? Is it the friends you’ve met, or knowing you’re inspiring others to go farther or try harder, every day? Perhaps it’s just because you never get tired of that feeling of deep and utter satisfaction when you nail a jump or conquer a fear? We made this video to share some of the reasons we think it’s always Worth It to get out there—now we’d love to hear yours.

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Worth It

Thank You, Mom

For many of us, Mom was right there when we first took those hesitant wobbles on our bicycles. Sometimes it was her calm hand on our small backs, guiding us down the driveway. At other times, it was magically appearing at our side to soothe our nerves or kissing skinned elbows when we fell. Moms are our role models and superheroes. Throughout our lives, they instill in us a love for independence and life on two wheels, while also helping to teach us why its worth taking on new challenges and finding new limits—qualities we pass on to our own children. We made this video as a little token of appreciation to share on Mother’s Day, but we don’t believe it should be limited to just one day. Every day should be Mother’s Day—so for all the Moms out there, this is for you.

You raise our standards, our expectations, our hopes, and our spirits. From you, we learn to raise hell, the bar, and our voices. We are the artists and builders, the dreamers and realists, the seekers and champions—the very people we become—because of you. You may not feel heroic, but we think you’re super, Mom.


A Manifesto for the Not-Quite-Sure

Some days you are the exact version of who you want to be—strong and fearless, and ready to take on the world. You go, girl! But then there are the days when you wake up and go, “Ugh. Why bother?” Maybe you aren’t feeling it that day? Maybe you’re just tired and fed up, or maybe you’re just looking for something to give you a little nudge out the door? "Worth it: A manifesto for the not-quite-sure” was made for those days.

Think of it as a mini-pep talk, designed to encourage and inspire you to keep at it. We hope you use the motivational morsels held within it to keep on riding, challenging, and connecting—to find your Worth It moments, every day.

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