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S-Works Shiv TT Disc Module

S-Works Shiv TT Disc Module

We deliver! Just say when and how.

For years, time trial bikes have had very similar attributes—skinny, deep airfoils, sketchy handling, subpar braking, and heavy frames. For the ""flat and fast"" courses of yesteryear, these qualities may have been acceptable, but with today's technically demanding courses, TT bikes needed a change. And with this in mind, we've pushed UCI regulations to their limits adding disc brakes, dropping weight, and dialing in the fit for the new Shiv TT. Is it the most adjustable TT bike out there? Yeah, but don't think it gave anything up to aerodynamics. Here's to another decade of gold medals.

Technical Specifications

* Weights based on production painted frames as pictured. Actual weights will vary based on colorway, frame size, and component variation. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Technical Specifications coming soon


Ancho de manubrio400mm400mm400mm400mm
Largo de avance75mm75mm75mm75mm
Largo de poste de asiento390mm390mm390mm390mm
Effective Reach to Center of Pad, REARWARD Position436mm448mm463mm478mm
Effective Reach to Center of Pad, FORWARD Position464mm476mm491mm506mm
Effective Stack to Pad Holder, LOWEST Position535mm545mm545mm545mm
Effective Stack to Pad Holder, HIGHEST Position680mm690mm690mm690mm
Largo de tubo de dirección90mm95mm95mm95mm
Ángulo de tubo de dirección71°72°72°72°
B-B Height269mm270mm270mm270mm
Caída de caja pedalera70mm72mm72mm72mm
Fork Length (full)363mm363mm363mm363mm
Fork Rake/Offset45mm45mm45mm45mm
Largo de vaina inferior410mm410mm410mm410mm
Distancia entre ejes972mm978mm993mm1008mm
Top-Tube Length (horizontal)512mm527mm538mm546mm
Bike Stand-Over Height769mm802mm802mm802mm
Seat-Tube Length504mm564mm563mm562mm
Ángulo de tubo de asiento74.5°74.5°75°75.75°

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