Littlest Ambassador

Ruby Isaac won't back down—she's got dreams to chase and energy to burn. Gutsy and fierce, she's determined to go as fast as she possibly can on two wheels, ride her way to the Olympics, and inspire other kids to get into cycling along the way. Dream big, Ruby—you've got this.


The Roll is the kind of bike you want to put your mark on—and that’s just what we let a bunch of Specialized designers do. Take little internal competition, a little imagination, and let the good times Roll.

'Cross Tracks

There’s the race, and then there’s what gives the race its personality. Join us as we undertake a different kind of UCI World Cup course preview, from the spirited fields in the USA to the hallowed cyclocross stomping grounds of Belgium and beyond.

The Ultimate Trail Bike

Introducing The All-New Stumpjumper


Power Cranks

当您需要把自己的运动能力提升一个档次的时候,用功率计是一个非常好的方法。虽然市面上有无数的选择, 像功率曲柄这样能够获得惊人的实际精度和轻量化效果的却非常少。您的标准已经获得了提高。



如果你想骑得快,喜欢在哪里都骑得快,这就是适合你的车。这是为从大环赛到本地的耐力赛的各种赛事而打造的车,并完全重新设计,大量的空气动力学技术,当然,还有碟刹。我们的 "全能型战车" 性能更全面了。

S-Works 7

什么是更好的骑行鞋?突出的力量传递?更好的舒适性?非常杰出的外型?当然我们都想要。S-Works 7,在这里我们一个都不想妥协。

S-Works Evade