September 25, 2018

Dear Specialized Rider,

We committed to keeping you updated on the progress of the impending recall of Öhlins RXF Air Forks as originally communicated on September 17, 2018.

We’re happy to update that Öhlins has been making progress with this investigation and has submitted a technical report to the appropriate government agencies for review. There are many factors affecting the timeline to full approval, so we can't project a date. Our Quality, Legal, and Rider Care teams, however, are directly engaged with both Öhlins and the regulatory agencies to help expedite the process.

We realize that you bought your bike expecting to actually ride it, and this issue is disrupting your trips, races, and rides with friends. As we work with Öhlins towards a safe and compliant permanent fix, we're committed to using all of our resources to keep you riding. We have a limited quantity of loaner forks that we can provide to your retailer for temporary use. Availability varies by region, but we encourage you to contact your retailer and we'll work with them to support you.

We will continue to provide weekly progress updates on this page, so please check back with us here next week.

Thanks again for your patience and thanks for riding Specialized.

Jon Goulet

Director, Global Quality and Rider Care

Ohlins RXF


在 Specialized, 您的安全是我们最关心的。 因此,无论何时发现问题,我们都会立即采取行动。

根据报告,我们获知Öhlins RXF 36 29/27.5+ 和27.5” Air 前叉的肩盖位置可能存在安全缺陷,这将影响到您的安全骑行。该前叉配置在下列产品型号: 2017 Stumpjumper, Enduro, Fuse, 2018 Stumpjumper, Enduro, Turbo Levo, Fuse, 零售版本Öhlins RXF 34 Air 前叉。 某些该型号前叉的右侧肩盖可能未达到正确的安装扭力,在某些特定情况下,将导致肩盖在骑行过程中松动。当此情况发生时,前叉气室将失去压力而导致摔车的隐患。因此,我们要求骑士停止使用涉及的产品,请经销商停止销售涉及的前叉和自行车。


请注意,其他型号的Öhlins前叉不存在安全隐患,例如:RXF 36 Coil 前叉。



Jon Goulet

Director, Global Quality and Rider Care

Update 2/15/2018: Allez

Update: 2/15

Thank you for your patience as we've worked to address the safety concern relating to Model Year 2018 Allez (Base), Allez Sport, and Allez Elite forks.

We're happy to report that we've received approval for our fork recall and replacement program, and we've been working hard to source replacement forks to get you back riding as quickly as possible. Starting today, we will begin delivery of forks to your retailer, who will install the new fork on your bike at no cost to you.

As we've stated before, availability of forks will initially be limited, but we expect more forks to arrive each week. We anticipate having sufficient quantities to serve all riders globally by the end of March at the latest.

Your retailer will be contacting you via email to provide further detail on the recall and the replacement program. When a fork is available to match your bike, your retailer will contact you to schedule the replacement at your convenience.

Please email [email protected] or call directly at (800) 722-4423 if you have any questions.

On behalf of the Global Rider Care team, thank you for riding Specialized.

Jon Goulet

Director, Global Quality and Rider Care


Dear Specialized Rider:

At Specialized, it's our priority to ensure that you, our rider, can use our products safely and with confidence.

We have identified a very small number of Stout cranks with direct-mount chainrings (sold only with our MY18 Fuse Comp and Fatboy SE models) that may have been manufactured with an important dimension out of tolerance. In extreme, and very rare cases, this production variation could lead to the drive-side crankarm disengaging from the crank assembly, causing a risk of injury. Only cranks manufactured in 2017 are potentially affected.

By this letter, we are announcing a voluntary recall of affected cranks, which have a serial code beginning with “17” embossed on the inside of either crankarm. We have partnered with the crank manufacturer to improve the manufacturing process, as well as to provide you with a like-for-like replacement of your crankarm. These replacement parts are available immediately and may be obtained by contacting your Authorized Specialized Retailer. Your retailer may also reach out to you directly. In any case, you should stop riding your affected bike until the replacement crank has been installed.

To obtain your replacement crankarm, contact your retailer. Your retailer will help you identify whether your bike is affected and will obtain the replacement parts from Specialized. In most cases, we will have you back riding within 48 hours of retailer contact.

For questions, please contact Specialized Rider Care at (877) 808-8154

Thanks for your understanding, and we sincerely apologize for the trouble.

Jon Goulet

Director, Global Quality and Rider Care

In the interest of consumer safety, Specialized UK Ltd posts the following product safety and recall notices.If you have any questions or concerns about your Specialized bicycle or equipment, please contact your local Specialized retailer or contact our customer services department:

Tel: 020 8391 3502
Email: [email protected]



感谢选择Specialized产品。我们一直致力于产品安全性上的改进。对于目前Venge ViAS 产品,Specialized收到了后轮从车架变速尾钩处脱落的报告,脱落的后轮可能使得车架后三角损伤。请仔细阅读以下Specialized通知。您的安全对于Specialized和零售商伙伴是至高重要的。在这个时候,请停止使用你的圈刹版Venge ViAS。我们需要您携带您的车辆前往我们的门店进行尾钩更换。更换过程将不会收取任何费用。

如果您有任何疑问,可以发送邮件到以下信箱:[email protected] 。感谢您对此次更新所做出的配合。

Venge ViAS通知(2016年10月)


Flux & Stix Light Recall  (March, 2016)


Dear Specialized Rider:

At Specialized, safety is our primary concern, and when safety is compromised for the rider, we need to take action.

After careful examination, we've concluded that some model year 2018 Allez, Allez Elite, and Allez Sport model bikes may contain a manufacturing defect in the fork crown which potentially affects safety. Therefore, we've decided to prepare for a recall which will involve replacing the existing fork with a new fork.

By this letter, we're asking riders to stop riding, and our dealers to stop selling, affected bicycles. Even though, to our knowledge, no one has been injured and no regulatory agency has brought this to our attention.

We've already engaged our considerable manufacturing resources to supply high-quality replacement forks, painted to match your bikes. Riders who've purchased these bikes will be our first priority for replacement, followed by our retailers. As riders ourselves, we fully understand and are working hard at finding solutions to minimize your inconvenience. We hope you'll understand and appreciate that we will need time to obtain necessary government approvals and time for our factories to produce a sufficient quantity of forks for the recall.

We assure you that getting you, the rider, back on your bike is our highest priority, and that we're working day and night to make this happen as quickly as possible. As we progress, we'll provide regular updates to you on And when we begin to deliver replacement forks, we will promptly notify all concerned.

For questions, please contact Specialized Rider Care at (877) 808-8154.

On our part, we wish to apologize for this inconvenience.

Mark Schroeder, Director of Engineering